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Evidence Based Treatment for Addiction: The Emerging Truth

Society’s understanding and acceptance of addiction as a complex, chronic, relapsing disease of the brain has slowly begun to take hold. As researchers delve deeper into the neuroscience of drug dependence and alcoholism, the clearer it becomes that addiction is not a moral failing or a spiritual defect. Changing an 80-year-old approach to treatment based […]


Stories of Heroin and Opioid Addiction and Overdose – An Equal Opportunity Destroyer

There’s no denying the surge in heroin abuse and opioid addiction. More Americans die every year from drug overdoses than they do in vehicle crashes. The majority of those deaths can be traced to opioids, both heroin and prescription painkillers. In October 2015, President Obama weighed in on the epidemic and announced federal initiatives aimed […]


A Poisonous Mix: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Violence

Violence is not an easy subject to talk about. It is the darkest aspect of human behavior with the ability to destroy the lives of those victimized by it, as well as those who perpetrate it. No one comes out unscathed. In too many cases, alcohol and drug abuse is fuel to the violent fire […]


Getting High On The Music – Sober Meet-Up Groups At Concerts and Festivals

Making sacrifices to stay clean and sober is an aspect of life that most, if not all, people in recovery identify with. For some, this means ending toxic relationships with friends or loved ones. Others might struggle with activities that they previously enjoyed while using drugs or drinking alcohol, such as going to concerts or […]


Drug Test Dodging – Professional Athletes and Synthetic Drugs

An explosion of synthetic cannabinoids, going by names like “K2,” “Spice” or “synthetic marijuana,” on the market claim to offer a “legal high.” Manufactured overseas, or in underground backyard labs, these dangerous chemicals are slightly altered enough to skirt federal and state controlled substance regulations. Synthetic drugs are very popular among teenagers because they can […]


W-18 is the Most Dangerous Drug You’ve Never Heard About

The epidemic of opioid abuse and addiction, which has led to some of the highest accidental death rates in two decades, has just been struck another blow. In August 2015, law enforcement in Calgary, Canada served a search warrant and seized 110 pills. After analysis, officials at Health Canada stated that the drugs contained W-18, […]


What Happens if Marijuana is Removed From Schedule I Classification?

Marijuana has always made the news, but these days the headlines are much different than a decade ago. Across the United States, efforts to reform or repeal what advocates see as antiquated pot laws are gaining momentum. There are five states, including the District of Columbia, that allow the sale and/or use of recreational marijuana […]


Drug Overdose Deaths in U.S. Reach Record Numbers and Are Not Slowing

Addiction to prescription painkillers is believed to be the reason for death rates that rival the AIDS epidemic of more than 20 years ago. Fatal overdoses have risen in almost every county in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the trend is showing no signs of slowing. […]