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Understanding Addiction Reward and Pleasure in The Brain

Learning how the brain responds to pleasure has blasted the doors of addiction research wide open. Though there’s still a vast amount of unknowns where the neuroscience of substance abuse is concerned, researchers understand how the brain’s reward and pleasure centers are hijacked by drugs and alcohol. In addition, doctors and scientists recognize addiction as […]


14 Places Where Teens Hide Drugs From Their Parents

Teenagers are in a difficult “in between” time of life. They’re no longer children, and they’re not yet adults. Not only are they experiencing a physiological and hormonal awakening, but psychologically they’re beginning to think for themselves. Balancing a teen’s need for privacy while protecting them from poor decisions, like using and hiding drugs, or […]


Substance Abuse Hits The Campaign Trail

With just under a year left before the 2016 Presidential Election, both democratic and republican candidates are crisscrossing the nation, campaigning in as many states as possible. Their speeches revolve around the economy, education, national security, healthcare, foreign policy and a number of other topics that are forever debated. This year, however, substance abuse and […]


Medicare Refuses to Share Substance Abuse Data With Researchers

Scientific research into addiction has come a long way since locking alcoholics and drug addicts in sanitariums for the insane. We now know that addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that some people are at risk for due to genetics, while others develop the condition as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or […]


Hooked on Hookah: Is It Really That Bad?

Maybe you’ve seen an exotic looking hookah in the window of a smoke shop, or been to a party where people were using one or, perhaps, you’re one of a growing number of people visiting hookah bars, cafes and lounges. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, a hookah is a water-pipe with a […]


5 Reasons America’s War on Drugs is Evolving

There’s no denying that America’s attitude toward drug abuse and addiction is changing. The U.S. spends more than $51 billion annually on in its war on drugs, and not only has the problem not gone away, many experts believe that this “war” is doing more harm than good. Here are five reasons why our country’s […]


60 Minutes: A Crisis of Heroin Addiction In America

Enough opioid painkillers were prescribed by doctors in Ohio last year, three quarters of a billion, that every man, woman and child in the state could have had 65 pills each. Though the state has been hit particularly hard by the ever-increasing spread of heroin, losing on average 23 people a week to fatal overdoses, […]