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Obsession or Addiction? America’s Culture of Dependency

A Google search for “Americans are obsessed with” turns up 12,900,000 results that include the following: Vitamins Pizza Guns IPA Beer Sex Anyone with the last name Kardashian (or Jenner) Boxed Water White Teeth and products that make the skin glow Fast Food and pop-up restaurants Eating Organic and anything that includes kale Smartphones, tablets, […]


How Does Exercise Benefit Recovery?

The physical toll that addiction takes on the mind and body can be severe, and left untreated, chemical dependency destroys lives and, in many cases, winds up being fatal. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs is a factor in more than a 100,000 deaths in the […]


7 Meditation Apps For Stress Relief and Peace of Mind

Even though technology is supposed to make our lives easier, for some it does the exact opposite. Let’s face it, when was the last time you turned the cell-phone off completely? Maybe we put it in “silent mode,” but we’re still alerted each time an email arrives or there’s a call or a text. Some […]


Is Your Phone Addiction Creating Problems in Your Life?

In a perfect world, technology is supposed to make life easier. Yet most of us have experienced the extreme stress of a computer crashing, no cell service when you need the phone, or having our favorite television show, that we’re streaming of course, interrupted by a poor Wi-Fi signal. Add social media, texts, emails, selfies, […]


Smokeless Tobacco Strikes Out in Major League Baseball

We all know the health hazards of tobacco, but most of us think about smoking and cigarettes when we hear the words “tobacco” or “nicotine.” Now, smokeless, or chewing tobacco is getting its time in the media and it’s hitting America’s favorite pastime – baseball. Tobacco in any form is dangerous, and many speculate it […]


What To Do During a Heroin Overdose – Part II

Even people with years of recovery still cope with the triggers and cravings brought on by addiction. So it’s not uncommon for those struggling with dependency to relapse after periods of sobriety. Some addiction experts suggest this is to be expected, but it can be dangerous, if not deadly, where opioid and heroin overdose is […]


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