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Celebrities With Eating Disorders

A healthy self-image is a key component for mental well being. In an era when self-worth is more often based on appearance rather than social contributions or personal achievement, however, it’s difficult to maintain a realistic perspective on our own sense of self. This is especially true for people, like athletes or celebrities that work […]


An Overview of the Major Classes of Mental Illness

Thanks to science, education and outspoken advocates, there is less of a stigma surrounding mental illness than ever before. In truth, poor mental health affects almost 20 percent of adults each year in the United States, or 1 in 5 people. This means that most Americans will know someone suffering from mental illness or experience […]


Keys To Recovery Newspaper – Resources for Treatment and Support

Take three people with a combined 53 years of sobriety, add a Labor of Love, sprinkle in some great articles about Hope, and roll it all together into a free newspaper that saturates southern California. The result is Keys To Recovery Newspaper. This free resource about recovery is available from the most elite places in […]


Is AA The Next Step After Treatment? Living Sober With 12-Step Facilitation

You put your life on hold for 30-days or more to live in a residential alcohol or addiction treatment center, you got clean, you feel great and you and your family are happy. Is that all there is? Not a chance. If you recovered at a non 12 step treatment facility, chances are good they […]


10 People You Might Be Surprised Had Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a psychiatric condition that causes severe shifts in behavior, thought patterns, sleep, energy and overall mood. Individuals with this disorder can experience manic episodes where they feel energized, overly excited, confident, and on the extreme end of the spectrum, have hallucinations. On the flip side of the coin, people with bipolar disorder […]


Suboxone vs Methadone For Opioid Addiction

Heroin is making a comeback. While that might sound like a wild exaggeration, the truth is that the highly addictive drug is more available and cheaper than ever before. Now, with more patients entering rehab for opioid dependency issues, physicians are debating which is the most effective treatment, Suboxone or Methadone? Both are effective, but […]


10 Notable People Who Struggled With Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Though there’s been progress made in bringing awareness to this very treatable condition, 50 percent of Americans living with depression still do not seek therapy. Left untreated, depression makes […]


A Beautiful Mind: May is Mental Health Month

Healthcare professionals and organizations devoted to helping those with mental illness issues have long used May as Mental Health Month – a time to raise awareness, educate the public and reduce the stigma associated with these conditions. In 2013, The White House decreed May National Mental Health Awareness Month and brought even more attention to […]