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Golden Nuggets and a Kiwi – How Addiction Affects the Brain

Have you seen the short film “Nuggets,” about the kiwi that stumbles upon some golden nuggets? It’s been making the rounds on the internet and social media for some time now. If you haven’t already seen it, take a moment to watch it. This 5 minute animated short by Andreas Hykade, an instructor at Harvard […]


The Science of Food Addiction and Recovery

There it is, a slice of hot, cheesy pizza lying on a grease-stained paper plate, waiting to be devoured. One piece, it can’t be that bad for you, right? Look long and hard at it. Now, think twice before taking a bite. A University of Michigan study, released in February of this year, claims that […]


Prescription Drug Monitoring Program & Doctor Shopping

Overdosing on prescription painkillers is a leading cause of death in the United States. A nationwide study of hospital data revealed that opioid painkillers at least in part, caused 68 percent of overdoses treated in the emergency room. In light of this growing epidemic, every single state, except Missouri, has instituted a Prescription Drug Monitoring […]


World Bipolar Day – Erasing the Social Stigma

In an effort to bring more awareness, education and social acceptance to not just the disease, but also those suffering from Bipolar Disorder, a trio of advocacy groups established March 30th as World Bipolar Day. Now in its fifth year, organizers chose the birthday of the Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh, who is believed to […]


Exercise, Endorphins and Addiction Recovery

The next time you head out for a leisurely walk, a run or maybe a quick dip in the pool, tell the nearest person you’ll be back after engaging your endogenous opioid inhibitory neuropeptides. Once their eyes glass over with confusion, you can explain that you’re going to exercise to generate some endorphins and relieve […]


Vitamin B1 May Ward Off Alcoholic Brain Disease

Vitamin B1 is an essential B Complex vitamin that helps the body convert sugar into energy. Also know as Thiamine, it is an important ingredient for a healthy nervous system and proper brain functioning.     Thiamine can be found in pork, grain cereals, flour, rice and some types of beans. While insufficient levels aren’t […]


A Famous Father Hits Back After a Cyber-Bullying Attack on His Daughter

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, say it on the Internet,” tweeted Mike Birbiglia, a well-known standup comic and author. In less than a 140 characters, truer words could not have been tweeted.     Cyber-bullying, sometimes called “trolling,” is the dark art of anonymously or openly insulting, harassing and psychologically assaulting another […]


Marijuana Goes Mainstream – ‘High Maintenance’ on Vimeo

At this point, virtually everyone of a certain age is aware that marijuana is more mainstream than before. Twenty-three states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized medicinal marijuana. Out in front of the country are Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, the states in which recreational marijuana use is now entirely legal. Making recent news, though, […]


We Were Wrong About Smoking – It’s Worse Than We Thought

Take a grim statistic, such as a half million deaths a year are caused by cigarette smoking. Now add a new study on the effects of this highly addictive habit, and increase that number by an additional 60,000 unnecessary fatalities. These are the latest findings from a study entitled “Smoking and Mortality – Beyond Established […]