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Neurotransmitters Balance Our Brain Chemistry

We often hear talk of a chemical imbalance in the brain to describe numerous disorders. Our body and brain are made up of chemicals such as proteins, amino acids, and neurotransmitters that support regular and irregular functioning. Most of the time, things work correctly as designed, and life is good. But when a chemical imbalance […]


The Mental and Physical Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

What began as one of the seven factors of enlightenment according to Buddhist teachings, Mindfulness Meditation is quickly spreading throughout Western society as a way to become more focused and relaxed mentally. Scientific research has confirmed many of the benefits of Mindfulness including motivation, empathy, and the regulation of emotions. People of all ages and […]


5 Holiday Mocktails For Recovering Alcoholics and Pregnant Women

The holiday cocktail hour can be a bummer for recovering alcoholics, pregnant women, and children who can’t drink beverages with alcohol. Partaking in a communal toast almost always loses its festive appeal when your glass is filled with water or plain juice. But there’s no need for partygoers to feel left out, or hosts to […]


34 Pieces of Advice About Addiction From Patients in Recovery

There’s no shortage of therapy modalities or advice about addiction recovery. And as always, what works for one person, might not work for another. We agree with the research that says the most successful addiction treatment occurs when individual therapy is combined with group therapy. While much can be accomplished in one on one treatment, […]


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