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Heroin Chic – The New Type of Heroin User

A recent segment on The Today Show about the untimely death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith highlights the changing face of the “typical” heroin user. After missing his checkout time at a Vancouver hotel, staff entered Monteith’s room and discovered his body. Days later, the coroner’s office reported that the 31-year-old actor died from a […]


What Facts Should You Know About Opioid Dependence?

Opioid addiction is a key constituent of opioid dependence which occurs when an individual is incapable of stopping the use of opiate drugs such as morphine, heroin, hydrocodone and oxycodone to name a few. This is a complicated disorder, but make no mistake it can be treated. Opioid Dependence is a major public health issue […]


The Need for Evidence Based Treatment

Addiction Treatment Pioneer Dr. A.R. Mohammad Addresses Need for Reputable Evidence-Based Treatment and a Proven Scientific Approach to Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease Addiction Expert and Pharmacological Treatment Innovator Dr. A.R. Mohammad Committed to Raising Public and Professional Awareness About Treating Addiction With Proven Pharmacology MALIBU, CA – (Marketwired – Jul 17, 2013) – Dr. […]


Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatment

Commonly known as dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders are conditions in which a patient suffers from an addiction and a psychiatric disorder at the same time, for example alcoholism and depression existing simultaneously.     The 2011 USA National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 17.5% of adults with a mental illness had a […]


6 Drug Abuse Facts and Stats

Drug addiction is a complex illness which is characterized by intense and, in severe cases, uncontrollable drug cravings. Drug users are often engaged in compulsive drug seeking and use persistent methods and illicit activities for instant gratification. While it often begins with a voluntary act of taking these substances, with time it leads to compromised […]


What is Substance Abuse?

In 2002, an estimated 22 million Americans abused or were dependent on drugs, alcohol or both.     Over the years these alarming statistics have dramatically increased, posing a threat to the public health system. There are various rehabilitation centers that help overcome drug and alcohol addiction, but we must first understand and explore what […]


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