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Dr. Reza Mohammad Cautions Public About False Addiction Claims

Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by Irina

Pioneer of the Non 12 Step Model, Dr. Reza Mohammad speaks out against irresponsible and potentially deadly addiction claims.

24 hour helpline call usDr. Reza Mohammad, Founder of Inspire Malibu, recognized by many as the top addiction treatment center in Malibu, California, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California (, announced today that he and his team will no longer stand by as irresponsible addiction professionals claim that addiction is a curable disease, a claim that not only flies in the face of modern medicine and science but also poses a potentially deadly threat to patients who seek treatment from facilities supporting such claims.

Dr. Mohammad said, “The claim that addiction is a curable disease is not just absolute propaganda and unethical deception, but also a potentially deadly philosophy if patients struggling with Addiction believe it to be true. Exactly like Diabetes and Heart Disease, Addiction is recognized by the top governing bodies (AMA, WHO, APA, etc.) as a Chronic Medical Condition, which under no circumstances is curable,” He added, “Would any medical professional in their right mind tell a Diabetic or someone suffering from Heart Disease that their condition needs no proper medical treatment, never! Would a parent seeking help for their child suffering from Heart Disease ever listen to non-medical professionals and scoff at modern medicine and science, never! So why do we stand by and allow such disturbing and potentially deadly scenarios to unfold in the addiction community?

Addicts are suffering from an incurable disease that with proper addiction treatment can be managed but under no circumstances can be cured; if a patient is told there is a cure to addiction, they are being gravely misled and need to know which questions to ask. While uncommon and unusual, spontaneous remission without proper medical treatment can occur with almost any disease; however, under no circumstances does that mean a responsible treatment team should ever claim to have a cure for addiction. That claim is irresponsible, untrue and based on absolutely no qualified scientific data.”

Dr. Mohammad and his team will be holding an intense series of summits at Inspire Malibu, one of which will be dedicated to debunking the myth that the disease of Addiction is curable and arming the public with the most informed questions to ask someone claiming to have a cure to Addiction. He added, “Diabetics, patients suffering from Heart Disease and Addicts need proper medical attention to survive and while these conditions are absolutely incurable, with proper treatment, patients can live normal healthy lives. That said before you choose to put your trust in someone claiming they have a cure, know that a cure does not exist and be armed with the proper information.”

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