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A Short Eating Guide For A Healthier Life

Last Updated on August 24, 2015 by Inspire Malibu

24 hour helpline call usWhen changing your lifestyle, not only do you want to improve what you do but how you do it. You want to feel better about who you are, and one way to do that is by eating healthier. Granted, fast food and junk food is easier to mess with but when it comes to upgrading your life, there comes a time when healthy food becomes essential to living well.

For instance, replacing fast food burgers with lean cuts of meat or chicken, salads and veggies not only has a positive impact on your body but it also has a positive impact on your wallet as well. It does take time and effort to prepare these meals for you and your family but in today’s economic environment, you’ll find the meals are much heathier and cost a lot less as well.

Here are a few items you’ll find make for a truly healthy diet and are much less expensive than fast foods are:

  • Beans – Whether you choose pinto, black, lentils or even kidney beans, they are packed with protein and calories. Instead of spending $20 on a bucket of chicken, a $1 bag of beans will create a meal just as filling and healthier than greasy chicken.
  • Vegetables – Taking 10 minutes to steam veggies not only gives you a healthy addition to a meal but gives you a flavor filled experience to enjoy as well. Why spend money on fast food when you can truly enjoy your eating experience with steamed veggies?
  • Meats – Fast food meats are filled with preservatives and fillers. By purchasing meats from your local grocers meat department, not only do you get a better quality cut but you also avoid all the artificial things in fast foods. Not only that, but you get to explore the wide world of flavors and recipes available online.
  • Salads – While going to your local fast food place and visiting the salad bar sounds healthy, with all the things they do to the stuff on that salad bar to keep them fresh, healthy is the last thing they are. Spending the same amount of dollars in the veggie section of your grocery store gives you enough food for several meals as well as being healthier in the process.

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Life is meant to be enjoyed, not struggled through and eating healthy gives you not only a strong body and clear mind to enjoy life with but, truth be told, it is a much more affordable option as well. Don’t let your life get muddied up with fast foods and unhealthy lifestyles. Eating healthy is easy to do and saves money in the process!

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