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5 Myths Associated With Prescription Drugs

Last Updated on September 3, 2015 by Inspire Malibu

24 hour helpline call usWhen it comes to prescription drugs, it is best to follow the facts and not get swayed by myths. So, the next time you intend to use prescription drugs, you should clearly be able to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Here are a few big myths about prescription drugs that you shouldn’t believe.

1) Myth: Prescription drugs are safe since a doctor prescribed them.

  • Reality: Even though a lot of checks and rechecks go into the making of pharmaceutical drugs, there are many prescription drugs that are as powerful (and at times more powerful) than illegal drugs. Take the case of heroin that, when controlled for quality, can be a better pain alleviator for cancer patients than even morphine.

2) Myth: A doctor will never prescribe a drug that is averse to other drugs that are being taken.

  • Reality: A plethora of cases involving celebrities with more than one prescription absolutely nullify this myth. Even if the doctor told you not to take the drugs together, you invariably ignore their instructions. In order to steer clear of unwarranted interactions of drugs, the best thing to do is to ask a single pharmacist to review the drugs for interactions.

3) Myth: Asking an acquaintance for a prescription pill that was prescribed for the same problem won’t cause any harm.

  • Reality: Apart from the fact that sharing your prescription medication with another person is illegal, you should absolutely refrain from becoming your own doctor by taking somebody else’s pain medication (and antibiotics) and in turn risking your health. On the same lines, no matter how forced you feel, you should never give your prescribed drug to your friend.

Prescription Drug Myths4) Myth: Pain killers treat only actual pain and there’s no reason to get addicted to them.

  • Reality: The real goal of pain medication is to make the pain controllable. But in essence, people keep taking pain killers till they have completely removed the pain. They don’t realize that in the garb of alleviating pain completely, they have become addicted to the drug.

5) Myth: The doctor is always right.

  • Reality: A good doctor will always try other ways such as exercising etc. to treat your disorder. So make sure that you follow a doctor who has considerable knowledge about problems and drug prescription.


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