What is the Definition of Addiction?

Addiction is a complex neurobiological disorder, a chronic relapsing Medical illness characterized by uncontrollable use of Alcohol or Drugs despite negative health and social consequences. Brain neuro-circuitries including reward, emotion and memory are involved in developing and progression of Addiction. Genetics (at least 50%) and environmental risk factors contribute to Addiction.

What is Addiction Treatment?

When people are suffering from Addiction, alcohol or other drugs effect the brain itself and other organ systems. For example Alcohol can damage the liver or pancreas, cocaine can cause heart problems and other than Medical problems, and alcohol and drugs can cause Psychiatric problems. Also there is high incidence of Psychiatric illness in patients who are suffering from Addiction, called Dual Diagnosis. Patients suffering from Addiction have psycho-social and interpersonal problems.

Clients entering drug treatment should be properly evaluated and be treated according to their necessity. Their psycho-social and interpersonal problems also need to be addressed. A qualified Addiction specialist should be in charge of the overall treatment coordination.

What’s the Difference Between 12 Step and Non 12 Step Treatment?

A 12 step program is a self help group which is an adjunct to real Addiction treatment – studying steps with a recovering addict sponsor is Not a treatment however.

A non-12-step program centers around a self-empowering addiction treatment program that blends multiple disciplines including evidence-based treatments, holistic care, recovery groups and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to get at the root of the problem.

What is Secular Addiction Treatment?

Everyone has the constitutional right to practice any religion or not practice any religion at all (Agnostics and Atheists).

We do not bring religion to treat High blood pressure or Diabetes, science has proven that Addiction is a chronic illness and we shouldn’t bring religion when we treat Addiction as well. However, everyone should be free to practice their own beliefs, take Insulin and pray to any God it will help, if you don’t take Insulin praying by itself won’t do much. Addiction should be treated utilizing a uniform approach just as we treat high blood pressure and diabetes or Depression regardless of someone’s religious or ethnic background.

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